Summer thoughts

Matt's quite busy playing with Slipshod  this summer, so Free Range has been, well,  in the corral more than meandering about.  But we're looking forward to some more performances this summer and fall and have some new tunes to pull…

April in Portland

April in Paris may be one of the greatest songs ever written, but for sheer knock-your-socks off beauty, it's hard to beat April in Portland. With this early spring, we are overwhelmed by the amazing colors of tulips, irises, azaleas…

Back from Baja

Free Range just came back from Baja, where we, once again, played for food.  We performed at Nancy's, the best restaurant in Cabo Pulmo and maybe in all of southern Baja.  The compensation was seafood enchiladas and amazing guacamole.  We…

Home grown tomatoes

Only two things that money can't buy -- that's true love & homegrown tomatoes.

But Guy Clark wrote that before the days of farmers markets and the renaissance of heirloom veggies.  So during the Labor Day weekend, we will be…

A rainy day in Portland town.

OK, so we probably made a mistake by questioning why the sun was shining during Rose Festival.

We were paid back with buckets of rain during the Pride Parade, followed by intense hail the next day.

Well, we're doing sun…

Is this June in Portland?

OK, we're confused -- but not complaining.

If it's Rose Festival time, isn't is supposed to be raining?

But what an amazingly beautiful season here in Portland.  And the strawberries . . .oh, my goodness.

Next weekend, Matt's off to…

Will work around food

Oregon has to be the best eating state in the union.  And the food's always the best at farmers markets.

This year, Free Range intends to eat its way through the Willamette Valley and into Washington, too.  Looking forward to…