Little girls in pink tutus

The first time we played at Fire & Stone was on Easter Sunday.   Just a few families were there at 6, when we started playing.

One of the listeners was a little girl in a pink tutu, who wasted no time in dancing after we started playing. In a little while, we got a request for "Ring Around the Rosy," something we had never played but were able to dispatch with great enthusiasm, if little finesse. Three little girls danced and squealed and ended up in giggling piles on the floor -- about seven times.

So when it came time to celebrate her dad's birthday, the tutu'd one somehow remembered us, and suggested that her mom invite us to play at the birthday party. It was lovely to think that a three-year-old would think of us that way, and we had a great time at the party.

This is all a preamble to say that we're playing again at Fire & Stone on Sunday, June 26, and we hope that it is accompanied by much dancing in the aisles.

The following week we'll be at our first Blastburger adventure on July 1. How appropriate to be playing at a place called Blastburger on July 4th weekend.  And that Sunday we'll be at the Vancouver Farmers Market.

We are so happy to be spending this season surrounded by wonderful food, friendly adults -- and little girls in tutus.