April in Portland

April in Paris may be one of the greatest songs ever written, but for sheer knock-your-socks off beauty, it's hard to beat April in Portland. With this early spring, we are overwhelmed by the amazing colors of tulips, irises, azaleas and the remaining camellias and daffodils.

(Only one of us suffers from hay fever. The other is thoroughly enjoying spring time.)

First stop on the 2015 farmers market circuit is the Oregon City market on Saturday, May 23.  We're looking forward to playing more markets this summer and venturing into new locations.  It's always great to meet the vendors, the customers -- and the kids. We don't consider it a successful gig unless at least five toddlers have danced to our tunes.

We're also looking forward to playing more weddings this year.  We played our first one last year and loved all the love going on.  Looking forward to more this summer.

Thanks for your interest in Free Range. See you among the veggies!